This add-on module* provides the tools to help manage when a client or a guest will occupy the clients property.

This module provides these features:

  • unlimited number of future occupancy records for each property
  • 1-click occupancy/vacancy buttons to easily identify if a property has and occupant (Never unknowingly walk in on an occupant again)
  • quick and easy one screen occupancy reporting feature

Occupancy/Vacancy Module Pricing: $9.95/mo or $99/yr

* Add-on modules are only available if added to the base Home Watch Software Module. They are not stand alone products.

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Satisfied Customers

"Simple, easy to use and comprehensive. It freed up 10 hours a week which allowed me to pickup 5 new clients. So it paid for itself."
                                 Joann W., Florida
"Just wanted to give you an update, many of our NEW clients say they chose us over our competition simply because of the software!!"
                                 Ty D., Nevada
"The feed back from our clients has been VERY positive! They love the online reporting area and the amount communication the software provides!!

We couldn't be happier with this software product!!
                                 Stephanie A., Florida