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Get Started For As Little As $19.95/mo

Are you just getting started in the home watch business?

We want to help you be successful!!

We know how difficult it is to get started AND how important it is to appear to be playing in the “big leagues”, so we have decide to graduate our pricing structure to help.

Just getting started and your customer base is less than 11? Now you can get started with our basic software package for just $19.95/mo*, that is over a 50% leasing discount!!

As helpful as the discount above is we are going a step further by providing a mid-range price break point of $29.95/mo*.  If your client base is more than 10 but less than 21 you qualify to save over 25%!!

Full lease pricing is due with the addition of your 21st client record. If for some reason your client base slips back to one of these discount levels, we will reduce your monthly lease accordingly!! How helpful is that?!

Simply pay the $299 setup fee and the first months lease and you can begin to utilize our software while you build your business! Upon each monthly renewal date we will evaluate your client records and adjust your monthly lease based on the number of client records.
Advanced payment discounts and the multi-module setup fee discounts are not available with this offer, however the FREE website hosting offer IS available with this offer.
* The $19.95/mo price break point is available for companies with a client base of 10 clients or less. The $29.95/mo price break point is available for companies with a client base of 11-20 clients.

Your Website Hosting Is FOREVER FREE!!!

If you already have a home watch business website, when you move it to one of our servers and you are leasing our home watch software, your website hosting is FREE!!  Your monthly HWSoft™ Software lease includes hosting*.

NEVER pay website hosting fees again as long as you are leasing our home watch software!! To qualify move your current website to our servers or have us design a modern mobile friendly website for you.  How GREAT is that?!

Multi-Module $100 Savings!!!

Save $100 on the initial setup fee when you lease ALL of our modules!!

All you need to do is select which plan fits your needs, get started here.

Save Up T0 18%!!

Prepay your lease in advance and you can save up to 18%!!**

Our everyday discount pricing offers up to an 18% discount when you pay your software lease in advance. Annually, semi-annually and even quarterly payments are available.

Get started here and we will ensure you get ALL the discounts we offer!!

* In order to qualify for our free hosting offer you must enter into a lease agreement for our HWSoft™ Home Watch Software and maintain the lease payments. If at anytime you no longer are up to date with your lease payments you account will be subject to a hosting fee of $14.95/mo until such time as you resume your lease payments.
** All fees are clearly defined on our Pricing page and the yearly fees displayed already includes this discount.

Example of our 18% discount:

  • Full module package is $89.95/mo x 12 = $1079.40 if you pay the $929 annual fee you save $150.40.
  • Since you paid the annual fee you also save $100 of the $299 initial HWSoft™ Home Watch Software setup fee.
  • Total savings $250.40 of the original $1378.40 you would have paid without these discounts (18% savings).
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Satisfied Customers

"Simple, easy to use and comprehensive. It freed up 10 hours a week which allowed me to pickup 5 new clients. So it paid for itself."
                                 Joann W., Florida
"Just wanted to give you an update, many of our NEW clients say they chose us over our competition simply because of the software!!"
                                 Ty D., Nevada
"The feed back from our clients has been VERY positive! They love the online reporting area and the amount communication the software provides!!

We couldn't be happier with this software product!!
                                 Stephanie A., Florida